Kathryn Ryder, BSN, RN, Med

Creating a safe place to connect, learn and elevate.

Let me tell you about me

Kathryn Ryder here. Have you ever wanted to find that person you could talk to about anything? That person that seems to get you, helps you uncover the why behind your thinking and works with you to put a plan into action? Or maybe you just need someone to listen? I can do all of those things for you. As a coach, I help people in whatever capacity they need. 

As a mom, I had two preemie babies...after 100 days in the hospital between the kids and myself...my world view has changed. I dug into some real tough topics, postpartum is no joke. I am now grappling with raising two kids in a chaotic world. It isn't easy. I have found some tools that can help. When we work together, I can help you find some more peace in your day, bringing some calm and clarity that you have been looking for. 

I have a bachelor's degree in biology and nursing, master's degree in health education, and I am a registered nurse (RN). I have completed the training for Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders through the Postpartum Support International and can help you identify if the thoughts and feelings you have are "normal/common" or if they need additional assessment and treatment. Please note: I cannot treat or diagnose PMAD's (post-partum mood and anxiety disorders) but I can help you identify resources, talk through your feelings and guide you in the right direction. 

I have worked in various corporate settings and managed large & small teams both in person and virtually.  I specialize in working with all individuals who are looking to elevate their life. This could be navigating the waters of parenthood, postpartum, transition periods, climate grief and anxiety, or just becoming your best self. 

I also perform weddings here on the seacoast of NH and love working with couples to plan a meaningful and fun ceremony! Click on my Justice of the Peace page to find out more information about my wedding services!